Katharina Kollarits

Bodies Tell Stories

HUMAN BEHAVIOUR IS fascinating. Through a series of observations, this project focuses on bodies in space, their movements, and how they navigate through specific environments. When it comes to dining, it is clear that people may sit alone or in groups, while using food to express their social interests.

The act of eating can be very dynamic and hectic, or something very intimate. It is a process of movement, whether alone or with 20 people at the table. What are the limits to clustering people in one space? Can one be alone, but not lonely?

These behaviours affect the public and private spaces around them. Set in a very dynamic habitat on Oxford Street, characterised by continual movement, this project proposes a variety of spaces based around the acts of movement and eating – while shifting from an uncontrollable outside to a more controlled space within. The project seeks to demonstrates through function and representation how an existing building might be reconsidered.

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