MA Urban and Regional Planning Theses 2022

Farhan Ahmed

Critical Analysis of the Role of a Smart Sustainable Cycle Framework: How can this be implemented within the Royal Borough of Greenwich?

Saira Alam

Spatial Planning and the Protection of Children’s Outdoor Play Opportunities Across Generations

Ismail Ameen

Effective Community Involvement in Regeneration Projects in London

Ryan Beckwith

Cultural Regeneration: Investigating its use as the leading regeneration strategy within Southend-On-Sea

Kashi Bhanji

Improving Women’s Safety in London: A review of women in planning and planning for women

Dominic Bush

Exploring the Implementation of Co-Housing as an Urban Design and Planning Concept
in the UK

Daryl Cook

Under-resourced Local Authorities and the Government’s Drive to Level Up: Is housing delivery a dream or a reality?

Katherine Fairfax

The Unplanned Experiment: Strategic learnings from COVID-19 temporary footway widening schemes and the delivery of the London healthy streets approach

Kathryn Greenwood

What benefit, if any, is there to owning a residential property in a designated conservation area?

Jordan Henderson

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: The case for micro-homes in London

Noah Jordan

An Investigation into the Public Perception of the Importance of Environmental Impact Considerations in the Context of Urban Growth Planning

Wai Kan

The Community Infrastructure Levy in Surrey

Joseph Kent

Residential Planning is a Zero-Sum Game: Who Ultimately Prevails?

Sharon McCarthy

Disabled People in Public Space: An Investigation into inclusive design and policy implementation

Jade Ocambo

The Death and Life of Working Cities: Are We planning for manufacturing in the inner city?

Naimah Quamie

Black Women and Local, Community-
Scale Green Spaces: Exploring Access and participation with community-scale greening initiatives

Benjamin Rafferty

Failing to Plan or Planning to Fail? Examining the duty to co-operate for local planning authorities in London’s metropolitan green belt

Carlos Sousa

Urban Regeneration and Sustainable Transportation: A case study of the Nine Elms-Battersea Power Station regeneration projects

Fausta Stella

Impact of the River Restoration and Sustainable Regeneration to the Environment in London: A Case Study of the Lea River and Lower Lea Valley

Paulo Tavares

A Comparative Study on the Impacts of Sports-led Infrastructural Developments in the Boroughs of Merton and Haringey

Aidan Van De Weyer

Strategic Planning and Equity in Paris and London

Lilly Varnham

An Exploration of how Public Perception of Local Green Spaces has Evolved Following the Pandemic within the Three Rivers District

Alice Walker

Tackling Loneliness: Exploring how co- housing models can be used as housing alternatives to help reduce loneliness amongst north Norfolk seniors

Annabel Williams

Seeking Restoration: Planning and designing public spaces to support mental health in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Joe Wright

Assessing the Social and Economic Impact of Regeneration on Two of London’s Opportunity Areas

Yusif Yusifzada

Research into the Impacts of the Prior Approval (Class O) Office to Residential Legislation in the London Borough of Islington

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