MSc Transport Planning and Management

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Enrica Papa, Rachel Aldred, Mengqiu (Matthew) Cao, Tom Cohen, Luz Navarro Eslava, Emilia Smeds, Ersilia Verlinghieri

Enrica Papa is Reader in Transport Planning and course leader of the MSc. Her main research interest is in sustainable accessibility planning.

Rachel Aldred is a Professor in Transport and Director of the Active Travel Academy.

Mengqiu (Matthew) Cao is Senior Lecturer in Transport and Urban Planning at the University of Westminster.

Tom Cohen is Senior Lecturer in Transport at the University of Westminster. His research interest is in Transport Policy.

Luz Navarro Eslava is a Research Associate in Transport Planning at the University of Westminster.

Emilia Smeds is a Research Fellow in Transport and Mobility at the University of Westminster. 

Ersilia Verlinghieri a Senior Research Associate in Urban Mobility at the University of Westminster.

THE MSC TRANSPORT PLANNING and Management course aims to develop the students’ abilities to initiate and undertake qualitative and quantitative analysis and research in the areas of transport policy, planning and operational management.

The course intake is diverse in terms of background and sector experience. Students without experience in the sector are enabled to equip themselves with knowledge, techniques and methodologies required to take policy decisions or to provide the necessary information and knowledge for others to take such decisions. They benefit from learning from the experiences and knowledge of part-time professional students, who in turn benefit from the opportunity to critically reflect on their own practice, and examine transport, policy and planning issues from a wider perspective than their present employment.

The overall objectives are to provide all students with a stimulating academic environment within which to study transport issues, to ensure students are aware of current transport policy and planning issues, and to prepare them for a wide range of potential employment within the transport sector by developing relevant transferable

Special thanks:

Michael Barratt (TfL), David Carrignon (Arcadis), Adrian Hames (WSP)

MSc Transport Planning and Management Theses 2022:

Georgia Corr

The impacts of a child’s bicycle seat and cargo bike on the objective overtaking behaviour of motorised vehicles in London’s suburban context

Ryan Curtis

Feasibility study into the different on-street electric vehicle charging solution within Buckinghamshire and identifying the potential barriers to Widerspead electric vehicle adaptation

Jonathan Fuller

Separating modes, connecting settlements: Exploring the challenges of delivering active travel infrastructure in rural contexts

Anu James

Exploring the use and user perception of parklets in Redbridge, London

Robert Morton

Do low traffic neighbourhoods change travel behaviour and attitudes? A case study of Bethnal Green and Wapping

Elizabeth Yajah

Urban public transport systems: The impact of bus rapid transit on service quality

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