Research Groups

Architectural Humanities

Members of the Architectural Humanities Research Group address critical questions about architecture and its historical, social and cultural contexts by engaging with a range of humanities-based methods, including interdisciplinary approaches that bring together arts and sciences.

Convened by Kate Jordan and Davide Deriu

Emerging Territories

The Emerging Territories Research Group focuses on societal and environmental challenges faced by cities and territories in relation to evolving notions of sustainability and resilience, climate change, healthy cities, governance, diversity and social inclusion. Five key themes reflecting the strengths and intersections of our research are: Climate Urbanism; Health, Wellbeing and Cities; Urban- Rural Interfaces; Anthropocene Territories; and Public Space and Diversity.

Convened by Krystallia Kamvasinou and Giulio Verdini

Making and Practice

The Making and Practice Research Group brings together leading and award-winning design practitioners who demonstrably innovate in their field, with leading academics and teachers who study and use design methods and processes within their research, including the school’s exceptional expertise in representation, fabrication, live projects, experimental projects and environmental design.

Convened by Paolo Zaide and John Zhang

Place and Experience

The Place and Experience Research Group focuses on tourism, events and leisure research with specialisms in: City Tourism, Mega Events, Urban Parks, Destination Community Experiences, and Sustainability.

Convened by Stroma Cole and Ilaria Pappalepore

Transport and Mobilities

The Transport and Mobilities Research Group covers a diverse range of aspects of transport and mobility, including: City Mobilities, Active Travel, Freight, Infrastructure Investment, Networks, Accessibility and Transport Equity.

Convened by Gerald Gurtner and Enrica Papa

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