Tsz Pan Cheng

Choi Hung Home

DRAWING FROM THE art form of ancient Chinese paintings, this thesis considers how to build a state of equality and harmony between men and women by challenging traditional concepts of ‘home’ and re-creating a modern vision of it.

Male superiority over females was an explicit part of ancient Chinese culture, and such a phenomenon had a great impact on the survival and development of women. During the 2,000-year-long feudal society, women as a group did not have an independent personality, and they were subject to the constraints of the patriarchal system, feudal rituals and the persecution of the concept of chastity.

By studying different Chinese ancient paintings about Chinese home culture and comparing to contemporary society, it can be seen that although male superiority over women is still present, there are changes taking place.

The Chinese home culture has always been considered the warmest and most secure by Chinese people, and in response the thesis incorporates elements of Chinese architectural, mutual equality and harmony, promoting the creation of a place where people feel included. The research project aims to create homes and communities with strong Chinese elements, to increase the sense of intimacy for the elderly, and allow those who live in the same area to be closer to each other to meet the psychological need for companionship.

The thesis project intends to build a state of equality and harmony between men and women, centred on the concept of home, where everyone lives together in harmony and equality as a family. The project is to paint home culture with personal knowledge of ancient Chinese paintings and to paint a different kind of home from the ancient Chinese period, i.e. gender equality.

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