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Rutendo Musikavanhu (course leader), Dimah Ajeeb, Ian Arnott, Stroma Cole, Helen Farrell, Anne Graham, Lindsey Hanford, Clare Inkson, Josef Jammerbund, Maja Jović, Fatemeh Mohamadi, Chiara Orefice, Ilaria Pappalepore, Andrew Smith

Rutendo Musikavanhu is an experienced academic, skilled in education, strategic leadership, mega-sport events, tourism and hospitality. She is a strong research professional with interests in the legacy and social impacts of mega events.

THE MA COURSES in Event Design and Management and Tourism Management are strongly aligned and delivered by a close-knit team who combine established academics, early career researchers and a range of professional experience in events and tourism.

Our sister courses hold a unique position within the UK higher education sector due to their situation within an architectural school. We take a distinctive position on the spaces and places for tourism and events with a focus on destinations and the urban environment, drawing on our own research and links with industry in London and further afield.

A growing area of specialism is the field of experience design and our MA course was successfully relaunched in September 2018 (with increased enrolments) to focus further on the creative design aspects of event management.

We attract a diverse and highly international community of students who come to the courses with a range of education and prior experience. All of this makes for a dynamic and rich study environment for students and staff alike, and well reflects the global nature of professional work in tourism and events.

These taught masters courses provide students with the opportunity to focus their studies through a range of optional modules. These reflect the research interests of the staff team including creative experience design, global festivals and events, the inter-relationships between tourism, culture and society, airport and airline management and tourism entrepreneurship. We are fortunate to draw on excellent industry links to provide a range of guest speakers, visiting lecturers and field trips.

The courses combine small-group classes, some studio work, experiential learning and independent study. In the final phase of their studies students produce a thesis using original primary research.

Our alumni have been recognised for their scholarly and professional achievements, including multiple winners of the Tourism Management Institute’s Postgraduate Dissertation Prize.

MAEDM Students:

  • Anjali Anjali
  • Saikiran Reddy Aenugu
  • Ahmed Almubarak
  • Sarah Alrabeh
  • Ella Marie Aunaas
  • Rebecca Cummins
  • Arslane Dilane Rahmoune
  • Joe Divall
  • Gayatriben Dixitkumar Patel
  • Sara Ghiglione
  • Salome Gracio
  • Jolly Ikekhide
  • Julia Immordino
  • Sourav Kanodia
  • Parul
  • Arsha Koyyodan Puthiyapurayil
  • Federica Latronico
  • Ifeoluwa Makinde
  • Maya Mira
  • Anna Nalesnik
  • Mary Neophytou
  • Priya Patel
  • Marina Pérez Silvestre
  • Ruxandra Petrescu
  • Tegan Rees
  • Chiara-Vivien Reichert
  • Victoria Rezajew
  • Jenine Sandhu
  • Serena Smith
  • Shilpa Sooda
  • Agata Wapner

MATM Students:

  • Simona Andruskova
  • Lia Ciancimino
  • Nikhil Dhimmar
  • Sanika Kulkarni
  • Syed Hasan Munir
  • Heena Ashok Parmar
  • Muhammad Rakha Ramadhan
  • Sohel Shaikh
  • Selin Yilmaz
  • Xinzhi Zhou

MA Event Design and Management Theses 2023

Saikiran Reddy Aenugu

Informed practices to improve green practices for event managers: A case study of the UK hospitality industry

Ahmed Almubarak

Mega Sport Event Sponsorship: Strategy for developing market brand value for global brands

Sarah Alrabeh

A Critical Approach to the Effects of City Branding: The Medusa Music Festival case

Anjali Anjali

Events as a strategic tool

Ella Marie Aunaas

“The Most Beautiful Show in the World Right Now”: Karpe’s 10 x Oslo Spektrum (A case study)

Rebecca Cummins

An exploration of the role immersive experiences play in aiding brand engagement

Arslane Dilane Rahmoune

The business of middle east tourists for hosting destinations: Comparison of Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia

Joe Divall

Juxtaposition of modernity and tradition: How do you modernise the FA Cup, football’s oldest Final?

Gayatriben Dixitkumar Patel

Enhancing event design in tourism management

Sara Ghiglione

Examination of how the Salone Nautico boat show has improved tourism and facilities in Genova

Salome Gracio

The impact of streaming services on the attendance of live music events by millennials

Jolly Ikekhide

Project management strategies in achieving sustainable event venue in developing region

Julia Immordino

What does the future generation of event planning entrepreneurs in the US look like?

Sourav Kanodia

Destination weddings in India: An analysis of the factors driving its growth and its implications on the event management industry

Arsha Koyyodan Puthiyapurayil

Examinination of the efficacy of UK’s eco-tourism initiatives on local biodiversity conservation and community empowerment

Federica Latronico

The case of Morando Pet Food, Italy: Examination of field marketing strategies in company event portfolio

Ifeoluwa Makinde

Lagos Fashion Week Awareness and Brand Sponsorship: A case study of Tecno Mobile

Maya Mira

Effects of climate change and environmental sustainability on preference for architecture

Anna Nalesnik

Korean Wave: The role of music festivals in South Korea’s destination portfolio development

Mary Neophytou

The impact of local festivals in the framework of developing sustainable tourism in Cyprus


Leveraging gamification in events to boost brand-loyalty of sports brands

Priya Patel

Technologies for event design tourism management

Marina Pérez Silvestre

What is the future of gastronomic events? Research and proposal for immersive dining experiences

Ruxandra Petrescu

Examination of local London arts’ venues and the post-pandemic consequences

Tegan Rees

The influence of social media on how UK wedding vendors market their businesses within the industry

Chiara-Vivien Reichert

Formula 1 and Digital Marketing: Effectiveness of brand awareness through TikTok phenomenon

Victoria Rezajew

Examining brand engagement from motorsport events sponsorships:
A Consumer Perspective

Jenine Sandhu

How sustainable supply chains are developing in Delhi and are engaging with the event industry in the city

Serena Smith

An exploration of how millennials & wedding planners manage cultural identities and diaspora when planning a wedding

Shilpa Sooda

Rise of Influencer-based events in Indian B2C marketing and their future

Agata Wapner

Events as a tool to promote Korean culture in London

MA Tourism Management Theses 2023

Simona Andruskova

Generation Z’s climate friendly travel behaviour: Rhetoric vs reality

Lia Ciancimino

New York Christmas Appeal: Factors that make a destination seasonally desirable to tourists

Nikhil Dhimmar

Sustainable Tourism Development of Gujarat

Sanika Kulkarni

‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’: How movies influence Indian experiential tourism in Spain

Syed Hasan Munir

Tourism in Peshawar: The effect of social media influencers

Heena Ashok Parmar

Destination Management Organisation: Educating travel agents about responsible tourism

Muhammad Rakha Ramadhan

Destination Branding Lombok as Indonesia’s Five Super Priority Destinations for Indonesia Market

Sohel Shaikh

Tourist Behaviour and Motivation: An investigation of personal and local influencing factors

Selin Yilmaz

Sports Tourism: The benefits to Turkey of hosting the football World Cup tournament

Xinzhi Zhou

Research on the Development and Evolution of Cultural Tourism in Qufu, China

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