MSc Transport Planning and Management

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Enrica Papa, Rachel Aldred, Mengqiu (Matthew) Cao, Tom Cohen, Luz Navarro Eslava, Ersilia Verlinghieri

Enrica Papa is Reader in Transport Planning and course leader of the MSc. Her main research interest is in sustainable accessibility planning.

Rachel Aldred is Professor in Transport and Director of the Active Travel Academy.

Mengqiu (Matthew) Cao is Senior Lecturer in Transport, Logistics and Urban Planning at the University of Westminster.

Tom Cohen is Reader in Transport at Westminster and a member of the Active Travel Academy. His research interest is in transport policy.

Luz Navarro Eslava is Lecturer in Planning at the University of Westminster and a member of the Active Travel Academy.

Ersilia Verlinghieri is a Senior Research Associate in Urban Mobility at Westminster and a member of the Active Travel Academy.

THE MSC TRANSPORT PLANNING and Management course aims to develop the students’ abilities to initiate and undertake qualitative and quantitative analysis and research in the areas of transport policy, planning and operational management.

The course intake is diverse in terms of background and sector experience. Students without experience in the sector are enabled to equip themselves with knowledge, techniques and methodologies required to take policy decisions or to provide the necessary information/ knowledge for others to take such decisions.

They benefit from learning from the experiences and knowledge of part-time professional students, who in turn benefit from the opportunity to critically reflect on their own practice and examine transport, policy and planning issues from a wider perspective than their present employment.

The overall objectives are to provide all students with a stimulating academic environment within which to study transport issues, to ensure students are aware of current transport policy and planning issues and to prepare them for a wide range of potential employment within the transport sector by developing relevant transferable skills. The course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), and graduates are exempt from the Institute’s exams. The Course also forms part of the pathway to the Transport Planning Professional (TPP) qualification.

Students following this course develop a critical, in-depth understanding of key transport issues, alongside the skills that will help them progress careers within the sector. The course team is in regular contact with key employers, many of whom both sponsor current employees and employ our recent graduates. Such employers frequently provide information about vacancies and come into the University to speak about the opportunities that they offer. Some offer to partner with full-time students on key dissertation topics of interest, for example providing data for analysis, which can be an excellent route into the industry.

Many of our graduate have progressed to senior levels in management and policy-making within transport operators, public bodies, consultancy companies and non-governmental organisations.

Special thanks: Michael Barratt (Tf L), David Carrignon (Arcadis), Adrian Hames (WSP)

MSc Transport Planning and Management Theses 2023

David Asiedu Ayim

Public bus transport and road crashes in Ghana

Olakunle Faleti

An evaluation of construction logistics planning and the role of vehicle holding areas in London

Emily Flinchum

Determining how and where 15-minute cities can best be adapted and implemented in urban centres in the United States

Samuel Goddard

Are patterns observed in London’s Low Traffic Neighbourhoods being replicated in Local Authorities outside of London?

Hashan Maduwa Guruge

How to affect the post-Covid-19 transport behaviours of London commuters

Justin Hooley

An assessment of whether e-scooters should be integrated into the existing UK transport study of Buckinghamshire Council’s e-scooter trials

William Hummerstone

The ‘Share Mile’: Investigating the potential for ‘shared space’ in the streets of the City of London

Sonia Kazemi

Study into the feasibility of implementing intelligent transport systems to organise the mobility systems within urban historical textures

Andre Klebl

The ‘Netflix of Bikes’: How can bicycle subscription models contribute to more active travel in European cities?

Yunfei Liu Liu

The impact of high cost HSR on the choice of transportation modes for Chinese travellers

Lucy Molloy

Is ‘predict and provide’ outdated in the world of transport planning? Exploring new transport planning approaches in the context of rural counties: A case study of Buckinghamshire

Joshua O’Donnell

Are the Elizabeth line and the London bus network opportunities for urban growth, and what does this mean for existing bus routes?

Olayinka Omotosho

Transport infrastructure provisions and its effects on primary school children in Ondo city, south-western Nigeria

Nicolas Schonwald-Bavaro

To what degree can the development of the transport network in Delta county, Colorado USA, be inspired by the successful rural transportation network in the Rhinetal Valley, Switzerland?

Christine Ssebowa-Ascott

An evaluation of e-scooters as an alternative, environmentally friendly mode of transport

Merylyn Webb

The effect of public transport quality on car usage in London

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