Euzkadi Perez

Digital Rituals

THE CONTEMPORARY PLORIFORATION of digital technoloiges portrays a blurred connection between the virtual and physical dimensions of space; creating a heterotopic landscape that, according to Michel Foucault, are worlds within worlds that exist in different realms and are incompatible with each other.

Understanding the multidimensional nature of space enables one to explore the phenomena of its dynamics. In this context, the constantly evolving technologies have expanded the space experience in a heterotopic way; from one where analogue devices contained a microcosm of meaning; to the current hybrid place that allow the connection of material with intangible fields, by users performing digital rituals that become an essential part of the current society’s identity.

This thesis explores mechanisms immersed in that phenomena. Simulated by digital media, such as cinema- based techniques, software and principles of machine learning algorithms, it aims to study how this experiential system is produced, reproduced and shapes the future of spatial conditions.

The final result is a speculative visualisation of a fictional world which attempts to create a possible near-scenario ruled by digital rituals

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