MA Event Design and Management Theses 2022

Maddison Ackerman (Best dissertation poster)

Exploring the Relationship between Accessibility and Experience at Leisure Events for Young Adults with a Disability

Claudia Balters

Italy and UK Food Markets: A comparison between the factors that contribute to the event experience

Andrea Perez Bisbal

A Critical Approach to the Effects of City Branding : The Medusa Music Festival case

Hengyin Chen

Motivation of Attending the CAFEEX in Shenzhen and the Impact in City Branding

Carolina Gomez Cortes

Comparison of Immersive Experiencescapes: Harry Potter World and Disneyland Paris

Erika Jarrin Hidalgo

The Effect of COVID-19 on Attendance of Fashion Shows and High-End Stores in the United Kingdom

Aneta Jirouchova

The Negative Impact of Mega Events on Local Communities: The case of Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

Ana Jitari

The Role of Special Interest Events: Destination promotion and visitors’ motivations

Rebecca Johnson

The Effect of Influencer Culture on the Events Industry and its Participants

Riddhi Joshi

Understanding Wedding Tourism and its Influence on Destination Branding: The case study of Udaipur destination weddings

Addison Keel

Analysing the Event Planning and Management of the 2017 Fyre Festival and Astroworld 2021: Successes and downfalls

Madison Kesselring

An Analysis of Organised Protests Around the World

Solene Levrat

Social Medias’ Influence and Impact on Sustainable Wedding Planning

Xi Luo

Analysis of How New Technology is Used in the Event Industry

Georgia Michaels

An Analysis of the Importance of Product Launch Events: The case study of Apple

Aashna Nandu

Differences in Nightlife Events: A comparison

Titilayo Okunola

Exploring the Impacts of Sustainable Mega-event Venues in the UK

Jess Porritt (Best dissertation poster)

An Exploration of the Role of Extreme Sporting Activities in the Creation of Transformative Eventscapes

Prithvi Singh

Influence of Tradition on Events and Tourism: Diwali as a global festival

Ting Chi Tai

Globalisation of Cultural Hallmark Events

Pin Tan

How does the Notting Hill Carnival impact the environment, economy, and social and cultural experiences for visitors and local residents?

Nishad Sunil Vichare

How has Covid-19 impacted electronic music events in the music industry?

Kehan Yang

Motivations to Attend Digital Pop Music Concerts

Yang Zheng

Exploring the Sustainability of Music Festivals in the Future

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