MA Tourism Management Theses 2022

Blerim Aliaj

Impacts of Creative Place-Making on Tourism Development in Tirana

Eliza Bagdasaryan (Best dissertation poster)

Promoting Russia as a Tourist Destination to the British

Abhay Bahadur

The Battle between Traditional Hotels and Airbnb: A comprehensive study of the tourist accommodation market

Sofiane Boumaza

The Importance of Islands as a Destination and Developments to Increase their Appeal

Martina Buratti (Best dissertation poster)

Travel Blogs about China: Their use and the image of China as a touristic destination

Simona Karamanoleva

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Propensity of UK Residents to Travel

Simran Kaur

Study of Challenges Faced by the Airline Industry Before the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mahir Jatinkumar Patel

Ecotourism and its Advantages to Local Businesses

Clayton Rodrigues

The Social Impacts of the English Premier League (EPL) on the Residents of Croydon

Sameer Mansukhbhai Sakariya

The Attitude of Customers Towards Eco-Tourism Post-Pandemic

Sanchay Sharma

Factors Affecting Music Tourism in the United Kingdom since the COVID-19 Pandemic

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