School of Architecture + Cities: Rosa Schiano-Phan and Filomena Russo

WBS: Maria Christina Georgiadou, Fernando Duran-Palma, and Linda Clarke

Funded by European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) and the European Union (€30. 000)

THE AIM OF the project, carried out in partnership with the EFBWW, is to analyse and understand changes in the construction industry, particularly in the scaffolding sector, to identify areas of possible action and develop policy concepts and proposals for those areas in which the EU is responsible.

In this context, the research activities consist of:

  1. Supporting and coordinating the project partners in the elaboration of six country reports, namely for Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Poland and the Netherlands; detailing the economic situation of the scaffolding sector; the working conditions in the sector with some focus on occupational hazards; the training systems in the participating countries and in Europe, specifically the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) training; the changes in the technical composition of scaffolds and used tools and the related standardisation work, but also regarding their environmental sustainability, digitisation and robotisation in scaffolding activities and later the use of scaffolding.
  2. Evaluating the country reports and producing an overall research report based on the findings which will further address the feasibility of a European OSH Certificate for the scaffolding sector, as well as other policy recommendations on working conditions, training and technological change.
  3. Running workshops and engaging in dissemination activities.

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