Women in Construction and Wood and Forestry Sectors

School of Architecture + Cities: Rosa Schiano-Phan and Coralie Guedes

School of Applied Management, WBS: Maria Christina Georgiadou, Fernando Duran-Palma, and Linda Clarke

Funded by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (€15, 000)

THE OVERARCHING AIM of this project, carried out on behalf of the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers, is to strengthen, reinforce and promote gender equality and women representation in the construction, wood and forestry sectors enhancing gender- based diversity and female leadership with a particular focus on the European Sector Social Dialogue in a context of severe labour shortages.

The project entails:

  1. Collecting statistical data on the presence of women in construction, wood and forestry following a new EFBWW survey questionnaire, administered in 2020-21.
  2. Identifying good practices and experiences related to gender matters in collective bargaining and collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) in the construction, wood and forestry sectors. This involves a large-scale literature review on the transforming nature of the construction industry and data analysis of the above EFBWW survey questionnaire.
  3. Producing a practical and sector-specific manual for practitioners that includes tools and resources for increasing the participation of women in the construction, wood and forestry sectors.
  4. Identifying priorities for EFBWW gender policies on EU level, with a particular focus on the European Sectoral Social Dialogue.
  5. Presenting the manual and engaging in a wider discussion with external stakeholders (employer representatives) at a side-event during the General Assembly of the EFBWW.

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