Work-based Modules

The Professional Case Study

The aim of the module is to bring together student’s knowledge of practice including management, legal frameworks, procurement and critical analysis in the context of a construction project, drawing substantially on their own experience. It aims to build on the theory studied in the lecture-based modules, and provide an opportunity to make professional judgements. The case study covers the practice, the design team, appointment, regulatory framework, procurement, and the construction stage. Students are asked to analyse their project against best practice, and make recommendations for future practice based on their analysis.

Students submit a draft case study in March and receive formative assessment and feedback in April. The final coursework is submitted in June and assessed in July. Guidance is given on preparing for the oral examination which takes place in September.

Professional Development and Experience

This work-based module tracks and supports the student’s professional development in the workplace. A student’s professional development is discussed with their Professional Tutor who provides guidance on the professional Curriculum Vitae and the Career Evaluation as well as guidance on preparing for the oral examination. Coursework, comprising the CV, Career Evaluation and PEDR sheets, is submitted in June and assessed in July. Students are required to complete PEDRs for the duration of the course and the PEDR sheets are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Oral Examinations

Oral examinations for both modules take place in early September, with interviews generally lasting 45 minutes. Professional Examiners are paired and will see six students over a day. Their role is to assess the candidate’s performance at oral only and the interviews are based on the Professional Case Study and the Professional Development coursework submitted. The written coursework will have been marked already and the examiners will see the feedback given to students.

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