Private: Welcome to MORE 2022

PHD STUDENTS IN the School of Architecture + Cities are engaged in wide-ranging areas of research that fall within and across the School’s five research groups: Architectural Humanities; Emerging Territories; Making and Practice; Place and Experience; Transport and Mobilities. Recently completed theses have made pioneering contributions to global scholarship on climate change, active travel, childhood mobility, public space and heritage policy.

In addition to standard PhDs, we continue to supervise students working towards PhD by Published Work and PhD by Practice. The practice and published work models offer routes into postgraduate study for outstanding professionals with an established body of work and have also helped to forge valuable connections with industry. This year, the School hosted the 2022 Architectural Humanities Research Association Graduate Student Symposium. The symposium, which featured presentations from students from across the world as well as those from Westminster, explored the theme of ‘voices in architecture’.

For further details about our PhD programme, visit:

Kate Jordan PhD Coordinator

PhD Candidates 2022

  • Ameera Akl
  • Hala Alnaji
  • Katherine Bartlett
  • Ross Bennett-Cook
  • Mehrdad Borna
  • Athena Brook
  • Amy Butt
  • Alain Chiaradia
  • Ana-Sabina Cioboata
  • Lida-Evangelia Driva
  • Didem Ertem
  • Minerva Fadel
  • Jennifer Fernando
  • Karen Fitzsimon
  • Shengkang Fu
  • Asa Henry Patrick Thomas
  • Irena Itova
  • Sugandhi Jayaraman
  • Prajakta Kalamkar
  • Iman Keaik
  • Frances Kremarik
  • David Mathewson
  • Joao Matos Da Silva
  • Fatemeh Mohamadi
  • Nicola Murphy
  • Anishka Narula
  • Simona Palmieri
  • Luis Pinto
  • Marzena Piotrowska
  • Dawn Rahman
  • Fred Raphael
  • Angeliki Sakellariou
  • Rofayda Salem
  • Rick Schumaker
  • Megan Sharkey
  • Rachel Simmonds
  • Lorna Stevenson
  • Cristina-Alexandra Trifan
  • Carine Woiezechoski
  • Mengran Zhu

MORE is a part of Open Studio project run by the School of Architecture + Cities at the University of Westminster to make its design, research and practice-based work available online while it is happening.

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