Ayushi Jain


Where/are we working in the most ideal work conditions? Is working at a desk the only way of working? What defines our efficiency at work? How the pandemic will reshape our engagement with public spaces/within office spaces… Through this topic I am trying to explore the meaning of an ideal working space and how it can serve not only as a place to work but much more in current urban scenario. With respect to mental health, climate, efficiency of the building. The project aims to understand how we perceive and understand work through time. With the changing world and advancing technology the way work is looked at has evolved and so have the cities and the spaces within it to accommodate the changes. But the pandemic has tossed this city and work system completely. Through the project we aim to understand how the cities might change and how we working within the spaces can rethink and restructure for a better and a sustainable future that looks beyond capitalism, reproduction of work and labor in order to maximise work satisfaction through designing and planning spaces in an urban setting in a creative way.