MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Tutors: Marzena Piotrowska (Course Leader), Julian Allen, Dr Mengqiu (Matthew) Cao, Dr Jacques Leonardi, Dr Maja Piecyk, Dr Allan Woodburn

Marzena Piotrowska (Course Leader) is a Research Fellow and Lecturer in Logistics and Freight Transport. Her primary research interests are focused on city logistics, urban freight consolidation and transport policy. Marzena has been involved in a number of research projects looking at various aspects of freight transport and logistics operations, including urban goods distribution, rail freight and modal shift. Majority of her current research work centres on the role of urban freight consolidation in supporting sustainable urban logistics.

Julian Allen is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Westminster, where he is involved in research and teaching activities relating to freight transport and logistics. His research interests include urban freight transport operations, the role of transport policy in reducing the negative impacts of logistics operations, developments in retailing and their relationship with logistics and transportation systems, and the history of freight transport.

Dr Mengqiu (Matthew) Cao is a Senior Lecturer in Transport and Urban Planning at the School of Architecture and Cities, University of Westminster. He has worked in both academia and industry, specialising in an interdisciplinary research field, which is primarily a mixture of transport analysis and urban studies.

Dr Jacques Leonardi is a Senior Research Fellow, developing, testing and evaluating sustainable logistics solutions in UK and Europe. His research is focused on urban freight transport, supply chain energy and global logistics, and involves applying survey methods to establish van use, test new technologies, and evaluate policy impacts.

Dr Maja Piecyk is a Reader in Logistics at the University of Westminster. She is a former Deputy Director of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, an EPSRC-funded research centre between Westminster, Heriot-Watt and Cambridge Universities. Her research interests focus on the optimisation of supply chain networks, GHG auditing of businesses and the sustainability of freight transport operations. Maja is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Dr Allan Woodburn is a Principal Lecturer in Freight Transport and Logistics, with 25 years of teaching and research/consultancy experience in this field. He is responsible for a number of modules on the MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management course and carries out research which is focused mainly on different aspects of rail freight including policy, operations, sustainability and efficiency.

The MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management was introduced in 1998 and is one of the longest established logistics postgraduate courses in the United Kingdom. The course has been designed to combine logistics concepts and principles with ‘real world’ experience, with a particular emphasis on issues relating to freight transport (i.e. product flow) within the supply chain. The course delivery encourages reflective and critical thinking in helping students to extend existing skills and competencies. In particular, students are given guidance on developing their skills for undertaking personal research, and a considerable amount of time is spent by the student on personal study for the Research Dissertation.

The course can be taken full-time over 12 months or part-time over 2 years, starting in September. We also offer a Logistics and Supply Chain Management Postgraduate Diploma and a Logistics and Supply Chain Management Postgraduate Certificate. The Postgraduate Diploma usually takes one year to complete full-time, and the Postgraduate Certificate usually takes six months to one year to complete part-time. Each taught module occupies a three-hour slot per week. Modules use a variety of teaching and learning methods including academic lectures, seminars, tutorials, case studies, guest speakers, site visits, small group exercises, and group and individual presentations.

The course attracts a diverse, international group of students, which is of a particular benefit to a programme that focuses strongly on international logistics and supply chains. Over the years, students on the course have come from all parts of the world and have brought a huge variety of educational and professional experience.

The course team is highly active in freight-related research and consultancy projects, with a particular focus on freight transport efficiency and sustainability. The curriculum is updated regularly based upon our research which ensures that the course content and overall strategy reflect current issues in logistics practice, preparing students for careers in this area. We work closely with clients and project partners in both the private and public sectors.

The course has a strong graduate employment record and we are very proud of our diverse course alumni who work in logistics-related positions around the world. Examples of companies that have recruited our graduates in recent years are: Honda, DHL, Procter and Gamble, Maersk Logistics, Glaxo Smith Klein, Volvo Logistics, Kuehne + Nagel, XPO Logistics and IKEA.