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School of Architecture + Cities Climate Action Task Force

Leads: Dr Ro Spankie and Professor Lindsay Bremner

Instagram / Twitter: @ar_ccat

The School of Architecture + Cities Climate Action Task Force is comprised of staff and students from across the School and is committed to bringing about the cultural shift in education necessary to fight climate change. Initiatives include addressing the climate crisis, building collaborative relations between staff and students to collectively develop a more climate conscious curriculum, establishing links between disciplines in the school around climate, raising levels of climate literacy in the school and promoting climate conscious practice externally. 

Ways we have done this:

Developing a School Climate Action Strategy, to encourage discipline specific curriculum change across all Courses in the School.

Setting up the Westminster Cross-Disciplinary Exchange, a post-graduate pedagogic programme  aimed at bringing about a paradigm shift in built environment education to meet the challenges of current planetary climate and ecological crises.

Organising public facing events such as Climate Action Week,  ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ a panel discussion following Cop26 (Jan 2022) and ‘Architecture Acts: A Climate Performance in Three Parts’ as part of the London Festival of Architecture (June 2022). 

Supporting Student Initiatives: organising a competition to design recycling solutions on campus, and building a Green funded Hydroponic Wall.

Climate Literacy: setting up the monthly ArCCAT Reading Group.

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