Design Studio (Two) Six

BA Architecture

YEAR 2 – DS2.6

Tutors: Victoria Watson and Kirti Durelle

Victoria Watson is Senior Lecturer. She is the director of Doctor Watson Architects who design and publish work about architecture.

Kirti Durelle is an architect and a PhD student in architectural history at The Bartlett, UCL, where he also teaches.


…there is a truth that must be recognized…the entire cycle of modern architecture and of the new systems of visual communication came into being, developed, and entered into crisis as an enormous attempt…to resolve, on the always more outdated level of ideology, the imbalances, contradictions, and retardations characteristic of the capitalist reorganization of the world market and productive development…

Manfredo Tafuri

Studio 2.6 believes in the architectural project as a means of exploring and making statements about the world in which we live. In the context of the architecture school, the project also doubles-up as a unique, engaging and effective means for teaching and learning how to ‘do’ architecture. At second year level, this means building on skills that have already been introduced in first year. It is a place where ambitious students can equip themselves with a range of tools that will serve as useful and reliable means for imagining, exploring, modelling and drawing their design ideas, now and into the future.

This year DS2.6 took the concept ‘homeless’ as its theme. The studio had no preconceptions about what homeless meant, neither did it have ready-made formal models for making ideological statements about architecture and homeless. Rather, it was expected the studio would develop an understanding of homeless across the year, as studio members set their minds to identifying, thinking and testing ideas around the theme of homeless.

We worked on the Broadgate Station site that is currently being redeveloped. We appropriated the site for our projects, offering counter proposals that are critical of the developers’ commercial architecture.

In Semester 1 we designed a Sleep Structure to occupy just a part of the given site; and in Semester 2 we completed the total design with a Refectory and Garden.

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