MA Architecture


Tutors: Dr Nasser Golzari (Course Leader), Dr Krystallia Kamvasinou, Filip Visnjic, Dirk Lellau, Dr Yara Sharif, Richard Difford, Dr Kate Jordan, Dr Maja Jović, Samir Pandya

The MA Architecture offers a unique opportunity for graduates interested in the intersection of architectural design, theory and research, encouraging students to develop their own positions and identities as creative practitioners and thinkers. A range of thematic and contextual concerns are offered and explored through the course using unconventional and imaginative methods of design, research and representation. These include cultural identity, architecture and society, political architecture, contested landscapes and digital design. These diverse fields of inquiry and their impact on our cities are underpinned by integrating ‘other’ voices such as post-colonialism, critical theory, feminist theory and Race studies. The course promotes methodological and representational innovation, with participants using techniques such as social mapping, interactive installations, film and conceptual modelling to stimulate projects towards high-levels of spatial, material and formal resolution.

A distinct and unique feature of the MA Architecture is its use of specialist pathways, namely Cultural Identity and GlobalisationDigital Media, and History & Theory. Participants can elect to choose one of these routes through the programme – all of which incorporate option modules – graduating with the related named specialisation award, or else select their own combination of modules in order to graduate with the title MA Architecture. No matter how participants navigate their way through the course, it will inevitably be a dynamic journey of self-reflection and positioning to affirm interests and future practice concerns. 

The course is delivered within a generous studio culture characterised by inclusion, creative experimentation and intellectual rigour.  Participants work individually and in groups, and are directed by experienced and committed tutors who are experts in their respective fields. The course is further supported and enriched by a network of renowned visiting speakers and critics from practice and academia, as well as high-quality studio spaces and state-of-the-art fabrication facilities. 

Graduates from the MA Architecture have a high-level of success in securing employment with architectural practices in the UK and overseas or launch their own architecture/design practices. Many continue on to further study (including PhD level) or to teach in schools of architecture.  Whatever their destination after completing their studies, our graduates emerge with a strong sense of purpose and with a body of work which enhances their ability to access those parts practice they are most interested in.

If you would like to interrogate contemporary issues in architecture through innovative research and design with a fresh and sensitive approach, then this course is made for you.

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