Mini Meadow Harrow Campus

Beyond Studio

The Mini Meadow Live Project was co-designed with BA Architecture students and staff from the School of Architecture and Cities to promote biodiversity and well-being within the campus. This was part of a project, where we looked at Harrow Campus holistically and students interviewed local staff and students to find out their needs and aspirations.

To promote Live Projects, we have set up the Live Design Practice, a platform to enhance innovation, to build up new collaborations and to explore alternative practice whilst promoting participatory activities with diverse stakeholders. We work across disciplines and promote knowledge exchange.

The planting has been designed to prolong the flowering species of the seasons, to create a space where there is food available for insects all year round. A super pollinator meadow mix has replaced most of the single species lawn to create the ‘Mini Meadows’, this is low maintenance and will provide a further food source. 

Tutors: Maria Kramer and Bruce Irwin


  • Omar Abu Wishah
  • Fatima Al-Gersani
  • Arjun Bansal
  • Julia Brodziska
  • Evangelos Christou
  • Meryem Geldiyeva
  • Valentina Gonzalez-Castaneda
  • Raluca Hamza
  • Christy Prothero
  • Alex Marton
  • Jessica Morrison
  • Andreea-Laura Petrescu
  • George Sorapure
  • Sofija Stupar
  • Berlin Tas
  • Hasniha Thanganathan
  • Laura Vasile
  • Rebecca Weller
  • Hamza Khan

In collaboration with ADP.