Radical Speculations

Beyond Studio

Our DS2.2 ‘Speculations’ this year centre around a live project in collaboration with YesMake, a social enterprise run by Joel De Mowbray. YesMake empowers communities through the construction of public spaces, promoting low-carbon construction techniques and the circular economy.

On a meanwhile site, adjacent to Global Generation’s Paper Garden in Canada Water, the studio set out to develop interventions which provide additional space and activities for the local community, supporting and expanding the offer of the Paper Garden. The materials used are limited to the reclaimed materials that YesMake can provide. Over a week in late May, the students constructed 3 of these structures on site. 

The students began the year’s journey by designing masterplan scenarios in groups and from these studies, developed individual proposals which took shape over the course of semester 1 with input and feedback from YesMake, Global Generations and the local community. 

A workshop creating ‘mash up’ versions of a selection of proposals, was the starting point for semester 2. Working in groups, 3 pavilions have gradually emerged through a process of iterative modelling, rigorous testing, and subtle adjustment throughout the term. The proposals have been carefully crafted and refined via models, drawings, detail testing and regular feedback from our collaborators. 

The question ‘What is the least we can build while ensuring the concept is delivered’ has been at the heart of the design and refinement of these interventions. Of all the valuable learning experiences offered by this year-long collaboration, the most important has to be a final outcome that has been a collective effort and experience – between students, tutors and our many collaborators. 

This collaboration & project was made possible by QHT funding.

Tutors: Natalie Newey and Matthew Stewart


  • Fatema Al Najem
  • Malak Almalkawi
  • Kevin Cahani
  • Antoni Canyelles
  • Rania Chebihi Hassani
  • Rania Elkharim
  • Medhi Kareemi
  • Vich Raksey Dom
  • Diane Fernandes
  • Ken McParland
  • Calota Monjardin
  • Ohla Petrachkova
  • Pelin Polat
  • Andrine Siverstein
  • Max Rider
  • Sarina Sheikh
  • Shania Stephen-Paul
  • Jens Storm_Gran
  • Szekei Tse