Caio Madeira De Oliveira

Presence in the Mixed Space

The thesis’ research started analysing the crescent impact of the digital environments and their infrastructures on the physical space. Furthermore, the invasion of the digital culture on the public sphere is increasing and this phenomenon led to questions related to presence and participation in these environments. As the physical and digital spaces create, together, a mixed space in which the relations have been establishing, the concept of presence had shown a key relevance for the development of this research. How (and what it is) to be present in the mixed space? The study explores presence as the ultimate concept behind interactions, working as an element that links the physical and digital spheres. Additionally, the research explores human behaviour and its applications with robotics, questioning how humans and objects can become active and interact within the world. The final objectives of this investigation are to instigate presence in the mixed space, aiming to develop a design for the mixed space, leading to an architectural design as an outcome.