Rana Almghirah


Architecture plays a significant role in our daily life routines, we interact with different types of architectural spaces and create invisible bonds with them. These interactions form an atmosphere in each space based on feelings experienced within it. That is, architecture can influence our emotional state and the other way around. Emotion itself is a very wide topic, this thesis focuses on the concept of privacy, specifically as an example of emotional experience within the realm of architecture. The thesis explores the relationship between emotion and the environment and how it is reflected in architecture, as well as investigates the notion of privacy, its meaning, and how it feels to be private. The result of this research forms different speculative scenarios that tackle the link between an architectural space and its occupant’s emotion. The site of this thesis is represented using two fundamental techniques: cinematography and surrealism. This site is approached from three perspectives. The first are scripts to set different narratives where these feelings are triggered. Then drawings to visualise and document the spaces within the aforementioned narratives. Finally, short films visually spring life to the triggered feelings.