Edlira Kraja

Daylight Quality and Optimisation in Multi-Purpose Community Spaces

[Thesis developed in collaboration with Architype]

Throughout history, daylight has been a part of architecture and humans’ lives. In the middle of the nineteenth century, researchers found the correlation between good daylight and health. The objective of this paper is to assess the qualitative and quantitative performance of daylight in a multi-purpose community centre. A case study project proposal, located in the United Kingdom, was simulated with the purpose of understanding the performance of daylight. The simulations analysed the useful daylight indicator, if and where there was glare, and the illuminance levels that the case study receives. The study will also recommend ways to improve the daylight performance in the case study. In the case study, skylights in different orientations will be tested. This will demonstrate how placing the skylights in different orientations affects the quality and the amount of daylights that enters a space.