Iyad El Beaini

The Future Residential Environments: Focusing on the lighting quality inside studio apartments in London post-pandemic

The lighting environment is an important aspect to reach wellbeing inside residential units. Before the pandemic, this aspect was neglected since people were spending most of their working hours outside their homes. When England’s lockdown came into place, companies shifted to co-working and E-commerce, but people suffered a lack of productivity due to the bad lighting quality in residential units. It was clear that residential units were not designed for such move. This study will highlight the main factors for a good lighting environment indoor, by explaining the importance of the lighting quality and its effect on the human performance, followed by some design strategies to improve the lighting quality in small residential units, for a better natural and artificial light distribution without changing the window dimensions, powered by a better function distribution indoor. Those strategies will be applied on a selected case study to prove their effectiveness on the overall performance of the space, targeting a better quality indoor and an acceptable lighting environment.