Interior Architecture Year 3


Tutors: Diony Kypraiou (Year Leader), Dr Ana Araujo, Ro Spankie, Allan Sylvester, Sam Aitkenhead, Fiona Zisch

Sam Aitkenhead is a designer and maker working across architecture, interiors, graphics and product design. His work explores ways to reduce environmental impact through design and material innovation.

Dr Ana Araujo is an architect, teacher and researcher. She has taught in architecture schools in Brazil and the UK. Her interests and expertise are around modern and contemporary design, with a special focus on gender studies, postcolonialism and psychoanalysis. 

Diony Kypraiou is an architect and researcher. Her work explores practices of polyvocalism and performativity in design and writing, and she is interested in analogies staged across theatre, psychoanalysis, interiors and architecture. 

Dr Ro Spankie is fascinated by the role of the drawing in the design process and has exhibited and published work related to the interior both in the UK and Abroad. She is Associate Editor of the journal, Interiors: Design/Architecture/ Culture and is a founder member of Interior Educators.

Allan Sylvester is Visiting Lecturer, a practicing architect, and founding partner of Ullmayer Sylvester Architects, a design led, and multidisciplinary collaborative practice.

Spatial Narratives & Thesis Project

This year students deployed the Design of Future Scenarios as an anticipatory tool to creatively and critically prepare for, and respond to, some of the great challenges of our times.

Guided by practitioners and experts from cinematography, production and set design, and in collaboration with second year students on the Domestic Future(s) Workshop, the group speculated, staged and animated rituals of our future lives. 

The term advanced to consider the future of education as informed by implications of digitalisation, technological revolution, human intelligence and their representations in fiction. Speculating on the form and the role of the University of the Future, the group concluded with the design of Future Incubator(s); spatial metaphors that stimulate future learning as a multidisciplinary, interactive, and customisable experience, staged upon the emerging interiors of 29 Marylebone Road, London, in the year 2069.

The Thesis Project is the main pursuit for Year 3 students. Each student is asked to identify a host building located in London and devise a programme based on their analysis and personal design interests. They pursued these ideas through an array of techniques, including material testing and experimentation, 3D scanning, projection mapping and animation. The diversity of schemes and depth of speculation is indicated by a sampling of project descriptions and locations: House of Chronicles – a bookstore forefront for a new Occult in disguise; Reimagining Electric Brixton – the future of the night scene in a 24-hour multipurpose club; House of god – a strip club towards the liberation of women; Alive Inside – a performance and dance centre for the elderly; Ravensbourne Riverside – a local wildlife discovery centre, otter sanctuary and a mycelium facility in Lewisham; The Bell Jar – a wellbeing youth hub in Clerkenwell; Medical Revival – a centre for repurposing medical waste; SmartRoom – a clothing and sustainability centre for the future of retail design.