AED Technical Environmental Studies


Tutors: Mehrdad Borna and Mohataz Hossain

Mehrdad Borna has over 16 years’ architecture, sustainability and environmental design experience in professional practice and higher education. In addition to teaching, Mehrdad offers consultation and advice to a range of air quality and environmental design related projects, both in the private and public sector.

Mohataz Hossain is an architect, educator and researcher in the field of integrated environmental design, digital technology and energy- efficient architecture with a special focus on users’ comfort, health and well-being.

TES modules offer a multi-scale approach to the study and practice of environmental design and its integration to the architectural design process.

TES 1 module introduces the notion of environmental performance of buildings in relation to the principles of building physics, highlighting their direct link to choice of materials and construction.

In TES 2 students are challenged to develop their technological vocabulary and apply different energy systems for the passive (or low energy) heating and cooling of buildings and their principle technologies.

TES 3 introduces the concepts and methodologies for the environmental performance predictions and evaluations (i.e. simplified steady-state calculation to more sophisticated energy modelling and simulation) of existing buildings and new designs.

TES modules are structured as a combination of theoretical lectures immediately followed by applicative workshops ranging from climate to microclimate analysis of a site to building analysis and human comfort. Talks by guest practitioners and researchers complete the students’ learning experience.