Public Events

Beyond Studio


February 2023:

ArCCAT Screening: “The Oil Machine” | Westminster’s Schools of Architecture + Cities, the Humanities, Law, and the Social Sciences

November 2022:

ArCCAT Screening: “How to Save the Planet: Degrowth v Green Growth” with Jason Hickle, Samuel Frankhauser and Kate Raworth

2021 -2022

June 2022:

LFA2022 + ArCCAT Event: “Architecture Acts: A Climate Performance in Three Acts”

The Conversation, initiated by Sarah Ichioka, co-author of Flourish: Design Paradigms for our Planetary Emergency (2021) and Elisa Iturbe, guest editor of Log 47, ‘Overcoming Carbon Form’ (2019), with Lindsay Bremner and Jeremy Till as respondents, discusses architecture’s implication in climate change and its potential for alternative action.

January 2022:

Sustainable Cities and the Urban Environment Research Community + ArCCAT: Panel Discussion “Good COP, Bad COP”

October 2021:

ArCCAT Climate Action Week