School Climate Action Strategy

Beyond Studio

Course Climate Action Statements 2023


Foundation in Architecture and Design

This course introduces students to climate change and the contribution made by the built environment to it. They learn about concepts of embodied energy and energy-in-use, and the environmental impact of energy generation. They are also introduced to current approaches in urban planning to reduce carbon emissions and design for a changing climate and to consider the practical issues of material sourcing, project lifespan, and resource reuse. 

BA Interior Architecture

This course builds on a fascination for reuse and alteration of existing buildings. In re-imagining interior environments from the scale of the room to that of the building and city, it embeds issues of sustainability, climate impact and action into its teaching.  

BA Designing Cities

We empower future urban planners to play a leading role in shaping climate resilient, sustainable, healthy and inclusive cities. We equip our students with technical and critical thinking skills to effectively bring together urban processes with climate change mitigation and adaptation. We place particular emphasis on the role of design as an explorative process to reimagine sustainable cities.

BA Honours Architecture

This course educates students in sustainable, regenerative approaches to architectural design, building construction and material technology. Students are encouraged to engage with climate justice, to be aware of the need to minimise embodied carbon, waste and pollution, and to reduce a building’s demands on energy and water.

BSc Honours Architecture and Environmental Design

This course rethinks the role and methods of design practice within the reality of the climate emergency. Physical ecologies of building, numeracy, and computation, as well as the wider principles of social and economic sustainability, are at the core of its pedagogy.  

BSc Honours Architectural Technology

This is a design-led course with a long-standing focus on sustainable technologies and construction methods. You will join us in promoting a global understanding of sustainable and regenerative architectural design. Regenerative architectural technologies, materials and practices are an emerging theme for the course and will form the basis of some of your projects.

BA Honours Tourism and Events Management

BA Honours Tourism Planning and Management

BA Honours Tourism with Business

This course promotes understanding essential to accelerate climate action in the tourism and events sector. We equip students with the knowledge, skills, and practical responses to help mitigate the risks of ecological and social disruptions, and to share their learning when entering employment.  

Post Graduate

Master of Architecture (MArch) (RIBA Part II)

Driven by the urgent need to address the environmental impact of Architecture and the building industry, the MArch course encourages and supports creative and innovative solutions to the challenges presented by climate change. Recognising that meeting this challenge cannot be achieved with technical know-how alone, critical reflection on the wider political, cultural and social implications of our changing climate has been integrated into the course.

Architecture Postgraduate Diploma Professional Practice (RIBA Part III)

This course aims to empower future architects to tackle the climate and environmental crisis. It equips students with the analytical, critical thinking and advocacy skills to promote social and environmental justice. It embeds issues of sustainability, climate action and climate impact in its teaching and challenges students to explore these issues in their professional development and engagement with practice and wider society.

MA Architecture

The Architecture MA is committed to tackling climate in its widest sense, addressing both environmental and social ecologies.  We aim, across the different pathways of the course, at critical positions and interventions relative to context and cultural practice. We use innovative research and design to understand  a variety of environmental practices across different cultures, which in turn forms part of our climate consciousness.

MA Interior Architecture

The driving principle of interior architecture is the adaptive re-use of buildings. In order to contribute to a more sustainable future, this course trains students to re-cycle existing structures and pay close attention to the sustainability of the materials deployed in such re-invention. This goes to the heart of interior architecture – socially and environmentally responsible and site responsive design, with a focus on the needs of people, their communities and the wider world.

MSc Architecture and Environmental Design

Architecture and Environmental Design Postgraduate Certificate

This course responds to the global climate change challenges facing local built environments. The curriculum examines the theory and practice of environmental design and quantification methods for the operational and embodied carbon reduction of built environments.

MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Climate change mitigation is one of the main teaching areas of this course. Students learn about the theory and practice of climate change mitigation options. They are trained as future logistics and supply chain decision makers and to develop professional knowledge and skills.

MSc Air Transport Planning and Management  

The course aims to promote sustainable practices, both through teaching the latest developments in air transport sustainability and through individual behaviour, such as carbon footprint reduction, waste reduction and ethical aspects of climate change causes. The course strives to teach the state of the art in the industry and hence promote future solutions for higher levels of air transport sustainability.

MSc Transport Planning and Management

Our vision is to empower future transport planning professionals to lead the way in addressing the climate crisis and driving the transition towards sustainable mobility. Across our curriculum, we foster a holistic understanding of the impact of transport systems on greenhouse gas emissions and wider environmental issues.. Our goal is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to pursue transport systems that mitigate climate change and promote a greener future.

MA Urban and Regional Planning

Our mission is twofold: to equip future planners with the technical skills needed to tackle climate and environmental crises, and to cultivate critical thinking abilities essential for this purpose. Through our curriculum, we strive to empower individuals to pursue social and environmental justice, thereby unlocking planning’s transformative potential.

MA International Planning and Sustainable Development

This course allows students to acquire critical knowledge of theories, concepts and tools to address broader issues of social and environmental sustainability, and to put forward context-based climate mitigation and adaptation strategies in different cities and regions of the world.

MA Urban Design

Urban Design Postgraduate Certificate

Urban Design Postgraduate Diploma

In helping to address the climate crisis, the urban design course focuses on cities as centres of climate challenges and hubs for innovative solutions. The course highlights the potential of urban design to shape sustainable development and resilient cities and communities through thoughtful approaches to urban form, public space, urban landscapes and urban ecologies.

MA Event Design and Management

MA Tourism Management

This course promotes understanding essential to accelerate climate action in the tourism and events sector. We equip students with the knowledge, skills, and practical responses to help mitigate the risks of ecological and social disruptions, and to share their learning when entering employment.