Huge congratulations to Jamie Williamson (MArch DS18 graduate) and Ben Pollock (MArch DS18 tutor) for winning the overall prize and honorary mention respectively in MIT’s “Projection 16 – Visualizing Cities”

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A huge congratulations to Jamie Williams, a MArch DS18 student last year and his tutor, Ben Pollock who have won the overall prize (Jamie) and an honorary mention (Ben) for their submissions to MIT’s Projection 16 – Visualizing Cities awards. These awards celebrate data visualizations that analyze city dynamics to inform urban planning practice and advocate for just, safe, and equitable cities.  

Jamie William’s “The Atlas of the Carbon Economy” combined rigorous research and visual storytelling to unpack the geopolitics of carbon trading. It will also be exhibited at a COP26 fringe event – Imagine Glasgow 2021, COP26 Edition hosted by the New Glasgow Society in collaboration with ACAN/ACAN Scotland, Common Wealth and the Architectural Associations Ground Lab.

Ben Pollock’s “Why and Where We Need to Change, London 2020” highlighted the compound effect that social factors, environmental stress, and climate threats have on London neighbourhoods.  

A catalogue of all the projects submitted to MIT’s Projection 16 – Visualizing Cities awards is available at 

Featured images: Jamie Williams Atlas of the Carbon Economy (left) and Ben Pollock Why and Where We Need to Change, London 2020 (right)

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