Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN) Pocket Parks and Planters Design Scheme – Student Competition Launch!

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Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN) Pocket Parks and Planters Design Scheme

What is the Marylebone LEN?

The Marylebone LEN is a partnership project developed by Westminster City Council and local stakeholders, to improve air quality throughout the Marylebone area.

The LEN includes developing a Marylebone ‘Green Spine’, introducing physical changes to the landscape to make it a more pleasant pedestrian environment. The ‘Green Spine’ connects Marylebone High Street, George Street and Paddington Street.

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What is the Pocket Parks and Planters Design Scheme All About?

The Marylebone LEN is working with the School of Architecture and Build Environment to run a student competition, where we want the students to design the pocket parks and planters for the ‘Green Spine’.

The winning design entry will have their designs built throughout the ‘Green Spine’. Design entries can come in any form – from an image, to a sketch, to a small model.

The winning entry will receive a £2,000 cash prize.

Why Should You Get Involved?

Westminster University is located within the Marylebone LEN, and is a key stakeholder. By getting involved in the competition, you are helping to improve the air we breathe, benefitting our local communities and neighbourhoods.

Entering into the competition provides an excellent opportunity to get to know potential and future employers, as well as build on your portfolio of work. Should your design be successful, you will be given full credit for the design.

What are the Key Dates?

Timeframes are as follows:

June 2nd 2017: Competition launches

June 23rd 2017: Competition commences / registration closes

July 17th 2017:  Interim design submission / presentation to judging panel

August 14th 2017: Final design submission

W/E August 14th 2017: Successful design entry awarded / presentation to judging panel

Who Should You Contact If You are Interested?

To register for the competition: Rita Darch (

Competition information / questions: Professor David Dernie (

and Professor Harry Charrington (

Marylebone LEN information / questions: Maria Curro (


Download brief: 

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