MSc Architecture & Environmental Design

Tutors: Rosa Schiano-Phan (Course Leader), Joana Gonçalves, Benson Lau, Jon Goodbun, Juan Vallejo, Mehrdad Borna, Amedeo Scofone, Kartikeya Rajput

In 2019/20 THE Architecture and Environmental Design MSc focused on the investigation of the environmental performance of work environments in London. Semester 1 case studies included offices of architectural and consultancy firms in the London Bridge area. This study led to the semester 2 design brief on ‘Work environments for London 2050’. Proposals for the complete re-imagination of the studied sites were offered by the students with attention to the climatic, social and economic sustainability of each project.

The course successfully continues the Collaborative Thesis Programme with Industry and the BREEAM Approved Graduate course, while gaining Learning Affiliate status with the Energy Institute. The industry partnerships have been very successful and have allowed our students to develop their thesis topics of mutual interest for the course, students and the industry partner. These range from parametrically optimised façade design in Dubai to carbon neutral urban blocks in Athens, and the environmental retrofit of existing office buildings in the UK, as well as of heritage sites in the Walled city of Lahore, Pakistan.

Guest Critics:

Shashank Jain (Studio 4215),
Jose Puchol-Salort (Imperial College London)

Special Thanks:

Carine Berger, Scott Batty, Meital Ben Dayan (Architype), Christian Dimbleby (Architype), Negin Esmailzadehanjani, Noemi Futas, Julia Galves, Jon Goodbun, Catherine Harrington (Architype), Mina Hasman (SOM), Dean Hawkes, Mohataz Hossain, Joao Matos Da Silva, Phil McIlwain (Westminster Council), Zoe Shattock (Elmbridge Building Control Ltd.), Minh Van

Rosa Schiano-Phan is an architect, consultant and academic who has worked in environmental design consultancy and research for the past twenty years. Rosa taught at the Architectural Association and coordinated numerous interdisciplinary EU-funded research projects at Nottingham University.
Joana Gonçalves is an architect and academic working as a Visiting Lecturer for the MSc AED. She is Associate Professor of Environmental Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo, and has taught at the AA and Harvard University. She is a Director of the PLEA conference and author of several international publications.

Selected students work:

Part time students (year 1):

Diana Criollo Guaman and Liam Rollings

Posters 2018/2019