Two new publications in Studio as Book Series edited by John Zhang and Elantha Evans.

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The School of Architecture and Cities is pleased to announce the publication of two new books in the Studio as Book Series:  

No. 4 A Tale of Two Cities, JID Studio, 2015-2020, edited by John Zhang, 2020   

No. 5 Dialogues + Dreams, DS(2)01, 2015-2018,  edited by Elantha Evans, 2020  

The Studio as Book series was launched in 2016 to highlight the creative work undertake in what was then the Department of Architecture’s design studios.  It was intended to reflectively position the work of a design studio within wider intellectual, scientific or aesthetic debate and to provide a reference for future iterations of the studio. The series includes undergraduate and graduate work, and each book covers the work of a design studio over the course of at least two years. The books are produced thanks to the dedication of staff and students involved.  

Previous iterations of the series are: 

No.3 The Intrinsic and Extrinsic City, DS11, 2008-2017, edited by Andrew Peckham and Dusan Decermic, 2018  

No.2 Dialogical Designs, DS(3)03, 2012-2015, edited by Constance Lau, 2016   

No.1 Architecture, Energy Matter, DS18, 2013-2015, edited by Lindsay Bremner and Roberto Bottazzi, 2016    

For more about the series, go here:  

Books are currently available to purchase on or through the editor of each book, but will shortly be available as hard copies from Fabrication Laboratory shop.  

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