BA First Year



In semester 1, the seven First Year studios share the same briefs, beginning with House of Card, a series of exercises exploring the human body through mapping and ending with the designing of street furniture in a site outside the Photographers Gallery in London.

A trip to Folkestone was the starting point for the second project of the term, designing a Food Shack to feed the visitors to the Folkestone Triennial. Students are responding to the context of this typical seaside site, local history, the art installations, particular ethnic food preparation processes and the challenges of designing a small mobile building.

  1. Group A – Tutors: Neil Kiernan & John Edwards
  2. Group BTutors: Richard Watson & Ursula Dimitriou
  3. Group C – Tutors: Richa Mukia & John O’Shea
  4. Group D – Tutors: Duarte Santo & Rut Cuenca
  5. Group E – Tutors: Matthew Stewart & Natalie Newey
  6. Group F – Tutors: Corinna Dean & Benson Lau
  7. Group GTutors: Juan Piñol & Alison Mclellan