Design Studio (Three) Five



Tutors: Bruce Irwin & Catherine Phillips

Bruce Irwin studied art and architecture at the Bartlett and Rhode Island School of Design and has lived and worked in New York and London. His practice combines design, teaching and curating.

Catherine Phillips studied architecture at the Bartlett and Manchester University, and art at City and Guilds of London Art School.Her practice combines architecture, teaching and art.

[Market + Square] + School Annexe

This year DS3.5 will develop proposals for a public space, a school annexe and a covered market in Moxon Street, Marylebone. We will examine the design of the ground itself and speculate on the possibilities for the making and forming of ground and ground surface. Working around the base/anchor of an existing site, we will investigate the potential communities and users to inform a rich and varied personal brief. We will record our findings and speculate towards our proposals in drawings and in models.

Site Area: Moxon Square, Marylebone (35 meters x 100 meters)

Our site at Moxon Street is one of the few large paved areas of Marylebone. Currently a car park, it was cleared in the 1960s in order to construct a school – a project that was never realised. The site has a certain slope, offering some sectional potential, and the remains of a series of small domestic vaults from the terraced houses, now demolished, along one side. In addition to week-day parking, the site currently hosts a Sunday farmer’s market in free-standing and demountable stalls with no permanent enclosure.

Market + Square

In Semester 1 we will design a public square in Moxon Street and a covered market. We will investigate site conditions, both physical and social. We will construct a scaled group site model. We will develop techniques for exploring ground, section and surface.

Please note that the students’ work currently shown relates to the last year’s studio brief titled Fleeting Encounters. Images from this year’s studio coming soon.