Article 25: Make Design Matter Talk with ZAV Architects | Thursday, May 26 at 13:00 BST | Online


ZAV Architects presents the Habitat for Orphans Girls, Thursday 26 May from 13:00- 14:00 BST during Article 25’s Make Design Matter free virtual talk. 

Please find additional information about the talk and how to register on our website: Make Design Matter, May Virtual Talk, Habitat for Orphan Girls, Khansar — Article 25 – Humanitarian Architecture (

ZAV Architects founded in 2007, aims to have a role in the Iranian architectural cycle by consulting projects with a socio-geographical vision. The research-based approach of ZAV assists clients in clarifying their perspectives by providing architectural data. 

MAKE DESIGN MATTER is a series of monthly inspirational talks for humanitarians. Article 25, in partnership with the BRE Trust, brings together outstanding design professionals who work with and support local communities through international development. These inspiring monthly panel discussions consider the pursuit of progressive, sustainable architecture, which focuses on the communities they serve.

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