+ Detail Design Day

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Tutorials / Consultant Sessions

On Monday 8th of April, second year BA students from the School of Architecture + Cities had the opportunity to meet and have tutorials with a number of professionals from the industry.

The tutorials ran throughout the day, providing the students with invaluable insight and help with their final projects. The students were asked to bring in 1:20 model of a part of their project, as well as some drawings to help contextualise the model. The professionals took on the role of tutors, and were there to assist the students in understanding and solving the issues regarding detailing and construction. With only five weeks left until the portfolio submission, the aim was to use the model, alongside tutorials, as an “exploratory” investigation into the building envelope of the project, which would help pinpoint the building design that is, for most students, still in flux.

The participants: All Year 2 Architecture Students (UOW) Scott Batty Architect (UOW), Dr Stanislava Bošković (Imperial College), Todd Courtney (HUT), Rachel Eccles (HUT), Peter Greves (MAKE Architects), Matt Haycocks (UOW), George Jamieson (HUT), Vlad Luchian (HUT), Elena Marshall (Morph Structures), Dr William McLean (UOW), Sangkil Park (MAKE Architects), Paulo Pimentel (IP Design Studio), Jim Potter (Waind Gohil + Potter), Graham West (West Architecture), Julian Williams (UOW), Fran Williams (Technical Editor, The Architects Journal)

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