BA and MArch Technical Studies

BA Architecture


Tutors: Pete Silver, Will McLean, Scott Batty, Chris Leung & Andrew Whiting

Technical Studies

The Technical Studies teaching in the Department of Architecture at the University of Westminster has been designed as a linear progression from first year Undergraduate through to final year MArch. For each year of study, a lecture series underpins the structure of the teaching. In first year undergraduate, a fourteen-week lecture series is delivered by Pete Silver that sets out an approach to the structure, form, material and environmental principles that constitute the technology of the built environment. In second year undergraduate, Scott Batty runs the Site Diary project giving students their first experience of a construction site. During the first semester, Will McLean organises the Thursday evening ‘open’ lecture series to highlight new developments in the fields of architecture, engineering and environmental design.

To see a map of Site Diary projects over the last 3 years, please follow the link below:  

We have embedded different types of teaching input and feedback throughout the BA and MArch courses and we regularly invite architects, engineers and other specialists to act as informal ‘technical’ tutors to the students during their final design projects. We host regular Friday afternoon tutorial sessions where visiting specialists act as consultants to our final year BA Architecture and MArch students in a relaxed ‘studio’ atmosphere. This specialist input (as in practice) helps to focus the work of the student in regards to structural clarity, visual comprehension and environmental sustainability.

Guest Lecturers and Visiting Consultants:

Simon Allford (AHMM), Matt Barnett-Howland (MPH), Roz Barr (Roz Barr Architects), Paul Bavister (Audialsense/UCL), Giovanni Beggio (RPP), Jago Boase (StructureMode), Christine Cambrook (Buro Happold), Christina Christodolou, Conrad Cherniavsky (Waind Gohil Potter), Joseph Conteh (JU:KO), Rachel Eccles (Hût Architecture), Christophe Egret (Studio Egret West), Nick Emmony (Laing O’Rourke), Julie Fleck (Construction Industry Council), Emma Flynn (AStudio), Allan Haines (EDICCT), Cath Hassell (ech2o), Dave Heeley (Morph Structures), Ed Hollis (Structuremode), Oliver Houchell (Houchell Studio), Rob Garvey (UoW), Jacques Gaudin (StructureMode), Katy Ghahremani (Make), John Griffiths (Ooma Design), Rowland Keable (Rammed Earth Consulting), Yashin Kemal (RPP), David Kendall (Optima Projects), Christian Kerrigan (AStudio), Benson Lau (UoW), Paul Maddock (HTA), Geoff Morrow (Structuremode), Robin Partington (Robin Partington and Partners), David Rayment (Morph Structures), Rosa Schiano-Phan (UoW), Esther Rivas Adrover (University of Cambridge), Enric Ruiz-Geli (Cloud 9), John Spittle (Wiehag), Phil Waind, (Waind Gohil Potter), Andrew Watts (Newtecnic), Graham West (West Architecture)

Technical Studies Lectures

The lecture series are an attempt to capture a contemporary philosophy of technology and introduce students to current and future trends in the technological development and understanding of architecture. We promote an eclectic approach to the use and understanding of technology in architecture and design and do not take a singular imperative as a starting point. Lightness, deployability, machine logic, material construction and geometry are all included as are human comfort, economy, climate, performance and appropriateness.