A report titled “Women In Construction, Wood and Forestry – a Resource Toolkit for Gender Equality at Work” by ProBE, presented at the Congress of the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) in Helsinki


According to Dr Rosa Schiano-Phan: “the report provides a toolkit for organisations to increase and improve the presence of women in construction, so it is set to have a high impact. However, it also highlights significant shortfalls in data on the presence and impact of Women In Construction in Europe and a slow progress compared to a similar study by Professor Linda Clarke 20 years ago. We are preparing a journal article on the study and will organise an event later in the semester to launch the report in the UK. We are also currently searching for appropriate research calls for possible bids.”

The report investigates women’s experience in the construction, wood and forestry industry based on a survey sent out by the EFBWW, the research partner on this project, to 77 Unions representing the industry across Europe. The survey focuses on the obstacles women in the field face and what solutions are needed to increase recruitment and retention. It is authored by Dr Guedes, a Research Associate at Westminster, and co-authored by ProBE’s co-directors Dr Rosa Schiano-PhanDr Maria Christina GeorgiadouProfessor Linda Clarke and Dr Fernando Duran Palma

The project began earlier in 2023 when the ProBE team successfully answered the call put out by the EFBWW and funded by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), to analyse the survey data and produce a report.

The presentation in Helsinki was split into three sections, first introducing the report, secondly offering practical recommendations based on the survey results and finally highlighting what stood out the most from what they found. […]

University of Westminster, News: “Dr Coralie Guedes presents report on women in construction at conference in Helsinki”

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