ArCCAT Climate Action Week: What about ‘the other half’ of the ‘UN sustainability goals’? | Monday, October 25 at 13:00, M523

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When: Monday, 25th of October 2021 at 1pm

Where: M523, Marylebone Campus

UoW students-as-co-creators project team 2021: Dana Al Khammach, Elantha Evans, Rebecca Kelly, James Mason and Lavinia Peninno.

Join us for a curated, interactive and enjoyable 15-20 min session at 13:00 on Monday 25th October 2021. This is about what YOU think we can do together, and is part of a wider project about architecture, empathy and the empathic imagination. Come along! And sign up here for more info on the project and future collaborations.

Offered as part of ‘Sustainable Disclosures’ // Expanding architecture education to better nurture people, places and practices for sustainable, inclusive futures (

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