ArCCAT Climate Action Week: Launch of Design Competition for a material reuse station for the studios | Monday, October 25 at 13:00 in Studio, Marylebone Campus

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When: Monday, 25th of October 13:00-14:00

Where: Studio, Marylebone Campus

Who: Diony Kypraiou, Stefania Boccaletti, Paolo Zaide and Tabatha Mills.

For both students and architectural designers, the physical model is a manifestation of ideas. The act of physical model-making is central to architectural education and our studios. It presents the opportunity to test, explore, speculate, compose and further the design process. How can you as students begin to challenge wasteful practice? Can we make our studio practice more circular?

Five teams of 4 L5 students each, drawn from each of the undergraduate degrees (Interiors, Architecture, AED, Technology) will participate in this design challenge for a week.

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