BA Architecture: Process Week – Events, Workshops and Reviews across Year 1/2/3 | From Monday, November 1 to Friday, November 5, 2021

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Please join us for a week of Events, Workshops and Reviews across 

Year 1/2/3  – BA Architecture 


Monday 01 November 2021, 1PM 

Year 1 Display: Very Very Vernacular  

BA Architecture Studios, 4th Floor  

Exhibition of 1:20 and 1:50 models of a range of vernacular typologies.  

Could turning to the past and looking at the vernacular be one way we could face the building challenges of the future?  


Tuesday 02 November 2021, 2PM 

Shaping Spaces Talk – Simone Valeriani, RCA/V&A 

Building Centre: The essential yet under-explored role that models play in shaping the spaces we live in & a visit to the exhibition ‘Shaping Spaces’ 


Wed+Thu  03+04 November 2021 

Model Making Marathon – Green Mat Workshop 

BA Architecture Studios, 4th Floor Double-day of experimental modelmaking, casting and photographing process models. 


Thursday 04 November 2021, 10AM 

Year 3 Reviews:  Excerpts and Experiments 

BA Architecture Studios, 5th Floor  

DS3.1 Utopia Jane & Tom G 

DS3.2 UniverCity Maria & Bruce (review on Mon 01 Nov) 

DS3.3 Science Fiction & Supertrees Constance & Stephen 

DS3.4 Peripheral Landscapes Paolo & Tom B 

DS3.6 Radical Re-use Camilla & Kester 

DS3.7 Transient Lives John & David 

Open reviews across the Year 3 Design Studios challenging the idea of ‘Build Back Better…?’ Open to all.  


Friday 05 November 2021, 10AM 

Year 1 Reviews 

BA Architecture Studios, 4th Floor Open reviews across Year 1 BA Arch + BSc AED 


and coming soon… 

a double talks series 

Climate Conversations 

online, Term 2 (dates tba) 

A Talks Series about Climate Change, Environmental Sustainablity and Design Projects by tutors in the School of Architecture + Cities 

Out In Practice 

online, Term 2 (dates tba) 

Young architecture graduates reflecting on their time as students and their exciting next steps. Speakers will explore personal ideas and agendas as well as the unexpected trajectories of their early careers 

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