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SA+C: Climate Conversations, February 7 to 11, 2022

A Talks Series about Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability and Design Projects by tutors and friends of the School of Architecture + Cities  —  Paolo Zaide  Floodscapes  The issue is the fluid edge between city and water and is captured in the term ‘floodscape’, to give […]

ArCCAT Climate Action Week: Launch of Design Competition for a material reuse station for the studios | Monday, October 25 at 13:00 in Studio, Marylebone Campus

When: Monday, 25th of October 13:00-14:00 Where: Studio, Marylebone Campus Who: Diony Kypraiou, Stefania Boccaletti, Paolo Zaide and Tabatha Mills. For both students and architectural designers, the physical model is a manifestation of ideas. The act of physical model-making is central to architectural education and […]

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