BSc Year 3 Studio Architecture and Environmental Design online crits | Tuesday, April 6 (2pm-5pm) and Thursday, April 8 (10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm)

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When: Tuesday, 6th of April, 2pm-5pm and Thursday, 8th of April, from 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm

BB link of the online sessions:

Tutors: Paolo Cascone and Yota Adilenidou

Synthetic Vernacular Architecture / Learning from African Fabbers


We do not lack communication, on the contrary we have too much of it. We lack creation. We lack resistance to the present.

Gilles Deleuze

The studio is conceived as a research by design laboratory investigating on performance- oriented architecture; trough the negotiation between multiple social and environmental parameters, the discourse of the studio explores an information-based design process towards an ecological approach to the built environment. This year the Studio will focus of an innovative way of learning from vernacular architecture to generate new architectural ecological typologies. These typologies will respond to the need of housing, health and educational affordable architectures for the African context.

Studio Blog:

Visiting Critics

Tuesday, April 6 [2pm-5pm]

Elif Erdine / EmTech AA

Nasser Golzari / UoW

Marco Poletto / Ecologic Studio

Thursday, April 8 [10am-1pm]

Conor Black / Arup

Harry Charington / UoW

Annarita Papeschi / The Bartlett

Thursday, April 8 [2pm-5pm]

Christina Duompioti / EPFL

Farzana Ghandi / NYIT

Juan Vallejo / UoW

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