Exhibition + Symposium: “Le Corbusier’s Models of Worldmaking”, Dr. Hamed Khosravi and Prof. Igea Troiani | Thursday, March 30, 2023, 17:30-20:30 (BST) | London South Bank University (LSBU)


The exhibition of models is open to the public from 21th of March to 6th April 2023 and is the foyer of the Keyworth Centre, LSBU. 

The Symposium will take place in: Lecture Theatre A, Keyworth Centre, London South Bank University (LSBU), Keyworth Street, London SE1 6NG

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Since the early 20th century Le Corbusier’s projects have been unavoidable points of reference in architectural knowledge and practice. Their roles, however, have changed historically from avant-garde and polemic statements of icons of the modernist movement, to stigmatised and politically charged constructions, and, in recent years, to contested grounds for reflections on ethical, socially-aware, and ecologically-just practices. His projects, whether built or unbuilt, operate in the tension between architecture imagined and architecture conceived. This space in-between is precisely the quality that turns them into the driving force for progression and reconsideration of the field of architecture. Their discursive, imaginative, and projective qualities have produced socio-spatial imaginaries and expressible fantasies. 

The symposium celebrates an exhibition of 150+ models of Le Corbusier’s built and unbuilt projects proposed for 13 countries. It brings together researchers, architects, and scholars to revisit Le Corbusier’s Models of Worldmaking examined through various architectural, pedagogical, and theoretical perspectives. The speakers outline a systematic form of enquiry reflecting on key experimental and methodological applications of Le Corbusier’s work, ones that could be catalysts of change or critical reflection on our radically changing profession.

Convened by Dr. Hamed Khosravi and Prof. Igea Troiani

Guest Speakers: Brigitte Bouvier (Director, Fondation Le Corbusier), Prof. Alan Powers (London School of Architecture), Prof. Tim Benton (Open University), Rene Tan (Director, RT+Q), Layton Reid (Visiting Prof. at University of West London)