VR Design Summer School: “Re-Imagining Coral Reefs” run by John Zhang | June 19-28, 2023

Events, Workshop

Re-Imagining Coral Reefs is a VR Design Summer School that invites student co-creators to contribute to an immersive VR installation that communicates the vital climate science of coral reef restoration to a wider audience. Working with marine biologists from ZSL London, students will explore the vital scientific research on coral reefs, an ecosystem that provides habitats to 25% of the world’s marine species. 

Using 3D scans and audio data of coral reefs collected from the field in Indonesia, students will create their own 3D VR interpretations of coral reef models that engage the public in a more empathic understanding of the climate science. They will also be re-designing new forms of reef restoration structures in collaboration with the scientists. Through these activities, students will be learning to use the Meta Quest VR headset as a design tool, as well as a range of digital tools typically deployed in spatial and game design, such as Grasshopper, Unity, Gravity Sketch, as well as fabricating their creation via 3D printing. The output from the summer school will be part of an London Festival of Architecture Exhibition/Event.

The Summer School is open to all students within the school, including final year students. Places are limited, so an interview process will be implemented. Once we have received your application, we will be in touch with further instructions. 

Briefing Session 1: 31st  March 1pm M327

Briefing Session 2: 27th of April 1pm M306

Apply athttps://tinyurl.com/yc5dtufy

Contact: John Zhang at zhangj@westminster.ac.uk