Architecture Research Forum: MONASS “Reporting from the Field” with Lindsay Bremner, Beth Cullen and Christina Geros_19th October, Erskine Room, 5th Floor, 13:00-14:00

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MONASS: Reporting from the Field

With: Lindsay Bremner, Beth Cullen and Christina Geros

Monsoon Assemblages is a five-year-long European Research Council funded research project investigating relations between rapid urbanisation and changing monsoon climates in South Asian cities. The MONASS team spent six weeks in Chennai over the summer conducting field work for the project. In this seminar, we will briefly sketch out the monsoon assemblage thesis and the questions that framed this field work. We will take you to a number of the sites we studied and discuss how our engagement with them has both challenged and extended our thesis and shaped future work.

Lindsay Bremner is a Professor and Beth Cullen and Christina Geros are Research Fellow at the University of Westminster

Where: Erskine Room (M/523), Marylebone Campus

When: Thursday 19 October, 13:00–14:00


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