LFA & SA+C: Re-Imagining Coral Reefs | Wednesday – Friday, June 28-30, 2023 from 10:00 to 19:00 (BST) daily | MG28, Marylebone Campus, University of Westminster


When: Wednesday – Friday, 28th – 30th of June 2023, 10am-7pm daily

Where: Ground Floor Learning Platform Room MG28, University of Westminster Marylebone Campus, 35 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5LS

We are delighted to invite you to Re-Imagining Coral Reefs – a virtual reality (VR) experience aimed at communicating the climate science of coral reef research to a wider audience.

Part of the London Festival of Architecture (LFA)’s programme of events, Re-Imagining Coral Reefs is funded by the QHT Small Grant, and co-created with students from across the School of Architecture and Cities.

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Hosted at the University of Westminster and as part of the London Festival of Architecture, visitors to the event venue are invited to try on VR headsets and experience healthy, degraded and re-imagined coral reefs from both human and non-human perspectives. Their virtual experiences are projected in real-time in the event space, which also contains 3D printed models of the virtual corals they’re experiencing. Coral reefs are vital ecosystems that sustain 30% of all ocean species. Their degradation is a visceral example of the Climate Crisis. Research into and restoration of these rich habitats constitute a critical enterprise that bring together the scientific community, local citizens, designers, governments, and NGOs, towards the common goal of preserving our biodiversity. Created via a range of digital tools typically deployed in spatial and game design, and utilising the audio and 3D photogrammetry data collected from the field in Indonesia, the installation is a collaborative creation between design students, marine biologists, and architects.