School of Architecture + Cities: Gender Ecologies Symposium | March 14-15, 2023

Events, Workshop

When: Tuesday, 14th of March, 13:30 (GMT) – Wednesday, 15th March, 16:30 (GMT)

Where: School of Architecture + Cities, University of Westminster, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS

Gender Ecologies is a programme of the British Council launched to support the development and delivery of projects that explore the intersection of women, climate change and arts, demonstrating how arts can be a catalyst for positive change, action and impact in environmental issues. The programme promotes collaboration and mutual exchange of crossdisciplinary knowledge and skills between Pakistan and the UK.

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Please note: when booking your tickets for the conference, please note you will need to reserve tickets for both days (14 and 15 March) if you intend to be present at both.  

Should you be interested in attending the Cody Dock event on 12th March, please contact Corinna


Sunday 12 March 11 am – 4.30 pm

Location: Cody Dock, Lower Lea Valley

Grounding Landscapes: embodied mapping led by choreographers Claire Burrell and Carolyn Deby from Sirenscrossing with a response from Pakistani based Performance Artist Abuzar Madhu. The Cody Dock resident ecologist will draw observations of the local primary species as part of the workshop.

Tuesday 14 March 1.30 pm -4.30 pm

Location: University of Westminster, Marylebone Road, London, Room 204.

Roundtable symposium where Marvi Mazhar (architect) with Zohaib Kazi (filmmaker) and Abuzar Madhu (performance artist) will be discussing their recent filming of activist fisherwomen, around the Indus River, Pakistan. The documentary will be a visual investigation to open questions about the significance of land and water protection in times of climate crisis. Corinna Dean will respond with her research along the River Lea which looks at the role of contamination and remediation as agency.

Wednesday 15 March 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm

Location: University of Westminster, Marylebone Road, London, Room 204.

The Gender Ecologies team will be joined by Lindsay Bremner, (Professor, architect, writer, head of research UoW) Carolyn Deby, (Sirenscrossing), Claire Burrell (Choreographer) and Kate McMillan (artist, author, King’s College) to discuss how art and research methodologies can raise awareness of environmental issues and environmental justice.